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It could have been while I was in 8th or 9th standard that I got introduced to this author, Anton Chekhov. I have no recollection of the story, not a hint of what it would have been about, but I remember the name of the author, a certain twist in his name which never left my memory!

I had always been passionate about reading and writing and since junior-high I had started theatre too. It never occurred to me then, that I could make a career out of my passion.

Just two years back, some month when I was running out of cash and could not buy a bestseller I intended to, that I approached this friend in my office to borrow any book which would help me pass my weekend. It was then that I got hold of this book, “100 Selected stories” by Anton Chekhov. The book was to mark a new beginning in my life of which I was totally unaware at that moment.

Now, after two years, the beginning unfolds. I have come to a decision to dramatize Chekhov’s stories because they deserve to be spread among one and all. The creativity and messages his stories hold in them are worth sharing. I also harbor a wish to write, to contribute to literature as Chekhov has done, to touch heart and souls of millions. I might not be able to leave a mark as great as his but there is no harm trying, especially when it is for good!!

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  1. sudeepa dutta

    This is good writing… proud of you girl.. waiting to see your direction in theatres

    1. Bandhana Sharma

      Thank you Sudeepa!

  2. Rachna gulati

    Really an Eye opening article Bandhana hats off to u….D’s z bitter truth of our society…In a country like India where countless religious people will happily gv gold n money in temples to make God happy but they don’t know by helping these kids only God vl be happy…Indians wake up….

  3. Sonica

    Well written & pertinent !!!
    Way to go, All the best 😀

  4. Anupama C

    All the Best Bandana!!

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