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My grandmother has always been a loud speaker, literally a loudspeaker. Set aside a short sentence or a name, she can even reverberate a whole paragraph, sometimes making you dizzy. Now add to it a loud belch every ten minutes. She has therefore been the very foundation of “noise” at my mom’s place. My cousins while growing up there, never got any extra attention as their cries and shrieks were always safely hidden under my grandma’s voice. However, she is the beloved of all. She has taken utmost care of me and my cousins during our childhood. She has countless favors on everyone hence loved and lauded by all, my hearty grandma thrives very well, now at 83.

My grandpa, on the other hand, is one of the most silent creatures I have come across in my life. I can still not make out when he enters a room and leaves it. Back on the days when I was small, I used to sneak to his closet and steal his favorite soft candies. Some years back he revealed to me that he used to be right at the door when I was doing it. He was worried I would fall while tugging at his inner pockets, so he would stand by to hold me. Aww that made my eyes moist, I love him so much. But matter of fact is that he is a very silent and soft person.

Now, this couple, my grandpa and grandma have always slept together, I mean from the time I have been their granddaughter I have seen them sleep in the same room. The room has two beds arranged in the shape of an L. My grandma faces one side and my grandpa the other.

Grandpa started losing his sense of hearing quite early in life, maybe mid-sixties. He told my father that his eardrums felt numb. My dad took him to a specialist and when they returned in the evening, my grandpa was all smug with some earphone like device stuck to his ears. He was smiling, ears to ears.

A few days after this, my uncle came to meet us. He looked totally off the track, my father deeply worried asked him what it was. He said, “Papa has been acting totally weird. He always sneaks to the storeroom and doesn’t want to come out of there. He keeps telling us that someone is disturbing our cattle in the shed and makes us run to check on them. But they are perfectly fine and snug there.”

Next day, after my father came back from visiting my grandpa, I heard my mother ask,” Has my father gone mad?”

My dad,” Are you out of your mind? He is perfectly sane. Someone had fiddled with the hearing amplifier and changed the frequency and he was hearing sounds from somewhere nearby.”

Photo by Mark Paton on Unsplash

My mom, “oh, so you adjusted the frequency?”

Dad,” No I did not. I do not want to risk anything so will visit the doctor with it the coming week. For now, I have asked him not to use it” He stood up from the dining chair and turning back at my mother said, “But I can assure you that in few days, he will start hearing better, even without the aid.”

My mom, surprised, “How?”

Dad, ‘I have shifted him to another room.”

It took some time for my mother to get it, I from the corner could not help but laugh aloud. Sure enough, my grandpa has developed a better hearing ability now, without any aid.

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